At Home in the Skyline


50 United Nations Plaza is a seamless addition to the Manhattan skyline, as if it had always been a part of the city’s built environment. 

Living here weaves you into the very fabric of the city, from the family legacy on which the tower is built, to the iconic skyline into which it soars. Your home is at home among the greats.

50 United Nations Plaza reflects the marriage of peak architectural quality and quintessential New York taste.

The Master Craftsmen

Foster + Partners is one of the most innovative and highly regarded architecture and design practices in the world, behind such internationally recognizable buildings as the Hearst Tower in New York and 30 St Mary Axe in London. 50 United Nations Plaza has the unique claim of being Foster + Partners’ first residential building in the U.S. 

A global studio with offices in more than 20 countries and a portfolio spanning six continents, Foster + Partners was founded in 1967 by acclaimed architect, Norman Foster. The practice is known for pioneering a sustainable approach to architecture and urban design.

The Esteemed Partnership

50 United Nations Plaza was brought to life by Zeckendorf Development and Eyal Ofer’s Global Holdings Inc. This same team saw the development of some of Manhattan’s most exclusive addresses: 15 Central Park West, 18 Gramercy Park, and 520 Park Avenue. 

Zeckendorf Development is a privately-owned real estate firm responsible for some of the most successful projects in New York history. Global Holdings Inc. is a private U.S.-based real estate investment company founded in the mid-1980s and led by Eyal Ofer.

With 50 United Nations Plaza, the celebrated collaborators have created yet another New York Ideal.